Fancy some fresh air?  
Breath-taking landscapes in the heart of the Haute-Savoie region, between Sixt and Samoëns...
The river inspires, the river intrigues… It brings together young and old!  
A place to marvel, observe, discuss, bathe… Who doesn’t have a great memory to share from the water’s edge?  
It’s never a bad time to go for a walk along riverside paths… But have you ever noticed those inflatable boats which float along it’s bed? Thanks to these, you can discover the river’s secrets by entering wild areas reserved for those with the will to go and find them!  
Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval and Samoëns will change your outlook if you decide to take to the Giffre...  
Thonon will surprise you if you embark upon the Dranse de Morzine!  
Let yourself be guided… Hire a raft, a mini-raft, a air boat or a cano-raft with David and Bastien (our guides) and dare to adventure! There is something for everyone: Sporty or simply curious, we adapt to your desires and will be able to advise you on the choice that suits you best! Alone, with family or friends, this outing will give you the chance to strengthen bonds and create new ones: you will have to paddle together, in the same direction! An ideal experience for summer camp or businesses looking to create cohesion and a group dynamic. For the most adventurous and active, we offer you a descent rich in sensations and emotions! David and Bastien will take you through the rapids of the Giffre or the Dranse and will make you take exhilarating routes. Your challenge: stand up in the raft, swim, climb on the rocks, jump in… Adrenaline, concentration, laughs, and maybe a bit of muscle stiffness to top it all off!  
Come and follow the water’s course, surrounded by a radiant natural landscape.  
Our small size ensures a friendly welcome responding to your requirements. Every descent is unique! Do not hesitate to contact us to arrange the trip best suited to you!  
Our team is here to accompany you, ensuring your complete safety during this discovery: conviviality, sharing and adaptability are our magic words! We are committed to supplying you with quality equipment (boats, wetsuits, jackets, safety helmets and jackets) ensuring your comfort and safety.  
Whether you are locals, passing by or on holiday, come and share our passion with us! We are waiting for you in Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval, opposite the town hall. We can also collect you from Samoëns at the bottom of the cable car.  
We are located 40 minutes from Les Gets, 50 minutes from Morzine and 1 hour 20 minutes from Annecy via the motorway to Cluses. The river is worth the detour! You won’t be disappointed!  
See you soon!
Captain of the ship, this Breton has made a career out of his passion!  
Since the age of 8, he has kayaked through different rivers to reach Haute-Savoie! We expect the temperature of our rivers reminds him of the coldness of the channel!  
He moved to Haute-Savoie four years ago and, seduced by the region, he expects to stay here! Meanwhile, his boat grew…  
Aim: to help others experience adventure! From the 2-person canoë-raft to the 8-person raft, David will impart on you his passion for navigation and white water in a magnificent setting! His motto: have fun in complete safety!  
He will put his knowledge of the river at your service to ensure you an exceptional descent!
Thibault, faithful sidekick and guide with us ! For the third year in a row with the Giffre ! For sure, Thibault is the joker of the team... A kayaker since childhood, he loves sailing, on rivers, at sea, in ponds ! He always has an anecdote to tell, and his good humor is contagious! Other passions? Travel, reading, video games, onion tart... In short, a full life ! Her motto could be "When the panda sleeps... All aboard " or... "Du raft ! Rafting! Rafting, rafting, rafting !" Who will be his next "coin coin"? 

Our youngest team member: Florian! A great lover of sport, he started kayaking at the age of 8. He then specialized in slalom kayaking, which he practices daily at a high level. This year, he has completed a STAPS degree and is awaiting the start of his DEJEPS training to become a slalom kayak coach.So, between two trips to the 4 corners of Europe for his competitions or training sessions, he settled in Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval in our beautiful Haute-Savoie region for a summer! His watchword: sharing! Sharing a passion, sharing experiences, sharing skills, sharing the world of water sports... As you can imagine, sport is his life's refrain.
So, one motto: sport is the school of life!  
Jonathan, aka John, is standing in for Thibault and Kévin so that they can rest up and come back as fit as ever! A physiotherapist for the rest of the year, he leaves the paramedical field to pursue his passion for white water in the summer ! Conviviality, friendship and sharing are the values he embraces and takes with him on his boat ! Caring for, accompanying and helping us discover the unknown that the river has in store for us is part of every trip he takes ! With Jonathan, there's no such thing as a routine, every descent has its own encounter... A motto? "Alone we go faster, together we go further!

So he's waiting for you, paddle in hand!
Audrey, our sweet commuter! Discreet and efficient, Audrey returns for the second year to spend the summer with us ! Audrey is a quiet force, always on the lookout for new adventures. Routine and offices are not/no longer for her ! She loves life and puts people and nature at the heart of her day!

Benevolence, mutual aid and a positive attitude are her watchwords ! Her faithful companion, Django, watches over her or she over him ? She goes for long walks with him every day and always comes back with a wonderful smile ! A motto "It's not what I do that's important, it's what I become by doing it!

" So, who will you be after your rafting trip ?
"Hello Altitude Rafting! Don't hesitate to put your ear to the ground when you call, Eva and her sweet voice will answer! A pure product of the Haute-Savoie region, Eva loves the mountains (and especially David...), so it's only natural that she should spend her summers in Sixt! A fan of entertainment, she'll be delighted to welcome you and fit you out in good spirits ! There's one phrase that's her compass: "Everything by love, nothing by force".

So it's out of love that she inflates your boats, even if it takes a bit of strength!
The Raft is an inflatable boat seating up to 8 people. It is designed for hurtling down rapids in complete safety, with a guide behind you who gives instructions and directions. The crew play a key role and follow the guide’s directions, it requires teamwork, and everyone learns to move forwards together: as if one single person!
The cano-raft is a small 2-person boat. It hugs the waves allowing for increased sensation, and for you to be more daring. You have more independence, after the guide has given an explanation at the base, you will be able to choose the direction and propulsion of the boat as a team to avoid obstacles and best take on the rapids.
Great adventurers, you who seek out sporting challenges and wish to take the river on head-to-head… This activity is for you!  
The air-boat is a boat which most closely resembles a kayak. It will open you up to a world of sensations. It offers you stability and speed of manoeuvre: this boat adapts to any water conditions of the river!  
You are alone on the boat and benefit from the advice of a guide who will be at your side.  
It is easy to manage, and you will discover the dizzying rapids of Gorges de Tines, followed by the tranquillity of the calmer waters of the Vallon plains. A fun and exciting boat!
The little brother of the raft holds a maximum 4 people, you paddle independantly, and the guide will be in a canoe to show you the routes and help you to master the mini-raft.
For those who perhaps don’t have sea legs and prefer taking trips in trainers...  
Canyoning is the sport for you!  
A top rope sport, you will experience sensations mixing climbing and water rambling.  
On foot, we will descend the riverbed – this will be our playing field! Erosion has created slides, jumps and basins for us, reflecting our mountain.  
Come and enjoy yourself with us and discover the Giffre valley in all its glory.  
The 3 routes we offer allow you to find what you are looking for !  
Conditions: you must be at least 8 years old and know how to swim.
You want to know more? Do not hesitate to call us, Eva or David, you will answer 7 days a week! You can also write to us via this form
A phone call to book is quick and convenient!
Tél : +33 6 42 52 00 38

Address for the base !  
Mairie chef lieu  
74740 Sixt-Fer-A-Cheval  
(Behind the town hall in Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval)

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